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The Philosophy of Dr. James Nourse

A Hawaiian parable states that each child is born with a bowl of perfect Light. If he tends the Light faithfully, he will achieve mastery in all important areas of life. However, each time he meets life unskillfully, he puts stones into the bowl. If he continues to fill the bowl with stones, eventually the light will no longer shine and the person will become a stone. A stone neither grows nor moves. If he tires of being a stone, all he need do is turn the bowl upside down, and the stones will fall away, revealing the Light that was hidden all along.

Each of us has an inner blueprint that is our program for optimal health and fulfillment in all spheres of life. When we awaken to the fact that we are stuck in a rigid, non-growing pattern, we may begin an enlightening journey of healing and self-discovery. The pattern that needs changing may be psychological — thoughts, emotions, behaviors that are self-defeating; physical — pain, illness, unhealthy habits; spiritual — feeling no connection to a higher power, larger story or source of meaning; environmental — surroundings that do not support life and health.

The role of the healing practitioner is to help us turn over the bowl so that the Light that is there all along can shine once again. In practical terms, this consists of applying a combination of methods that gives the mind and body a series of gentle reminders of how to re-connect with the inner template that contains the program for optimal well-being. The practitioner is not the source of healing, but nurtures the conditions under which a person’s innate healing intelligence can be accessed.

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