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Increasingly my clientele consists of people who have already walked a path of self-knowledge, have had years of personal psychotherapy or analysis, and have achieved enough psychological balance to take a next step—into the spiritual dimension of life, to cultivate that aspect of experience in which one lives in and with the Great Mystery, as Native Americans have called it. The spiritual path and its higher levels of consciousness have their own obstacles and challenges, not the least of which is how to integrate spirituality into everyday life—work, relationships, health issues, finances.

Spiritual Mentoring is for individuals whose issues, challenges or desires are more spiritual than psychological—or psychopathological—in nature. I use the term mentoring because we won’t be treating a condition or directing a process, but rather working together to begin or further an exploration of life’s central and ultimate issues. When you come for an appointment you may expect a safe, respectful, and non-judgmental experience in which we will consider your needs and how to best address them. My work is a blend of ancient and modern, eastern and western methods. People who will benefit from this work include individuals who

  • are just beginning to have an interest in spirituality
  • have become dissatisfied with conventional religion but still have interest in the spiritual dimension of life
  • are on a spiritual path but feel “stuck” or uncertain what next steps to take.
  • have experienced a crisis of faith or otherwise find their previously comfortable spiritual path unsuitable to their present experience.
  • are having trouble integrating the spiritual with the everyday aspects of life

We will spend a session talking about your situation and your needs, and I will draw upon my experience to offer insights and practices that will help you move in your desired direction, or correct the course as necessary. There is no time frame for this to be accomplished. It could happen in a single session or it could be a longer process. You are the one to decide how our work best serves you.

My training in classical Chinese medicine adds an ingredient to this process not usually available in such an endeavor—the balancing and harmonizing of the energies that underlie all processes of growth: physical, mental/emotional and spiritual. The choice to include acupuncture in the mentoring process, along with instruction in self-acupressure, will often help unblock a person’s spiritual growth as well as open new insight and awareness.

With the increasing public acceptance of acupuncture many clients seek this service as a therapy for a specific condition. For those not interested in Spiritual Mentoring, I am happy to offer acupuncture as a therapeutic approach to the presenting issue.


Making an Appointment

To make an appointment, call 828-698-8036

If you have already made an appointment, please download and complete one of the following sets of forms and bring them with you to our first meeting:

Intake Forms – Spiritual Mentoring (pdf)

Intake Forms – Acupuncture Only (pdf)


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